My creative journey is special and words on a page won't do it justice. So instead, I want to share a story about loneliness and struggle and how it led to purpose.

I was never a confident person when it came to my work or editing style. People who’d seen it would rave about how it was so “bright and airy” and that it made them very “happy”. Little did they know that it was because I was lacking a sense of happiness in my life.

Year after year I documented all sorts of milestones for people yet, I couldn’t connect fully with my mind and heart. That place was dark and filled with a lot of hurt, broken trust and self doubt. The lovely people who trusted me to capture their memories loved what they received but…it just wasn’t enough for me. Instead, I thought making my work look happy and colorful would fill the void. Like everything is still okay if it just looks like it. Boy was I wrong. 

I hit the lowest point of my life a year ago – it was darker than anything I’d experienced before. It was lonely, I was exhausted and I didn’t know how to come out of it. On the outside, I pushed through everything – school, work, friendships and just hoped it would go away. But it didn’t and ultimately, I was forced to face it.

Months of reflection and trying to make sense of why I felt the way I did, something prompted me to look through personal photos and videos. I sat for hours reminiscing about all the good times and the memories I made. That’s when it hit me. You’ve probably heard the infamous comparison – life is like a rollercoaster. Well, holy cow, that’s exactly what life is. The good memories reminded me that the steep dip I was in would eventually pass and lead to possibly the highest peak I’ll ever rise up to. This exact moment is when I realized what was missing in my work – –  my WHY.

I record “happy” moments so that when you hit a low point in life, the memories will be there to remind you that things will be good again. That you just have to push through the dark cloud and you’ll experience the biggest rainbow in all of rainbow history.

So yes, we can easily let ourselves get overwhelmed by the rollercoaster we call life but as many lows as there are, there’s as many highs. It’s our job to enjoy each moment equally, learn from the lows so you can soar in the highs. And it’s my job to capture whatever moments you believe will be your light in dark times.