The most important and the foundation of your experience is to trust. Without it, everything falls apart. Let's be honest, having a camera pointed at you can be intimidating. But that's where I step in. My job is to help you relax and handle all the nerves or awkwardness. Trust me with your story and I promise to deliver it in the most honest way.

It's easy to give your biggest "cheese" when a camera's in your face. But it's more than that - it's about showing the beauty in the struggle, the wonder and whimsy of kids, romance between you and your person and letting all that emotion make you look like the real you. Not some posed, stiff, half-smile you.

Embracing your story with full emotion and trusting the process will lead to the most authentic documentation. I approach each and every couple and family in a unique way because your story is different from the next, even if it's by the tiniest detail.

When someone’s eyes fill up, I’m already crying. When I hear a belted laugh bubbling up, I’m on the floor cackling (I promise I’m not crazy though!). This intuition I once thought was weird is what inspires my interactions to capture a person in their true element. My style is minimal yet artitstic, nostalgic and real.